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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies - 2020

CFOs are uniquely positioned to lead a broader organisational shift into digitization. They have insight into all business units and can help leaders from every area of the organisation understand the why of finance data, not just the what — ultimately leading to smarter business decisions throughout the enterprise through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is quickly moving from the experimental to the operational. It is already being driven deep into the operating muscle of the enterprise – from predicting how competitors will react, to identifying which machines will need repair, and even forecasting best customers five years from now. The CFO is in a unique position to bring AI to the enterprise. He or she sits at a confluence of the most important data of the firm – operating costs from production, receivables from the customer, financial performance from the business units – that serve as the digital foundation of AI.

To date, most of the investments in AI for business have to do with specific industries; stock trading, portfolio management, banking and insurance underwriting. Customer development and customer service have also benefited from large investments in AI. The CFO responsibility areas, although ripe with automation, have not adopted AI to the extent these other industries or functions have. The opportunity is vast, but we need a methodology to identify where to start and continue our AI investment.

The main benefits to AI are derived from three aspects; speed, accuracy and volume. Identifying the value of these different variables is the key to selecting an appropriate AI strategy and developing a work plan to implement it. What many finance leaders recognize is that AI is more than another cutting-edge tool. By unleashing its full capabilities in finance and throughout the business, companies can turn it into a driver of differentiation that not only increases productivity, but also boosts growth. Within the finance function, for example, AI can be applied to replacing repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, performing such transactional work with increased speed and accuracy. Moreover, with its capacity to learn from large data sets, the technology can also be used to improve accuracy in such areas as budgeting and forecasting to enhance companywide decision-making.

We present to you “Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies

  • Backed by comprehensive knowledge, an innate understanding of billing guidelines, and hands-on experience, ALB comes across as the lifeboat for law firms drowning in losses due to billing compliance issues. The company offers AI-based billing management platforms that guide law firms to do away with repeated feeding of the information that the e-billing vendors would require on an ongoing basis. ALB 1.0, an automated bill review platform, provides personalized reviews and suggestions on what is required when the attorney is entering the details of their time. ALB 2.0, a time entry cleansing platform, is completely managed by AI

  • Causality Link’s cloud-based platform, called “Research Assistant”, tags and extracts performance indicators, events, trends and causal links describing the market forces acting overtime on commodities, equities, industries and countries. The extracted information is stored in a data lake to be aggregated on-demand along many dimensions: companies, industries, portfolios or competitors; all while leveraging explainable and transparent causal models and predictions

  • Matrix Analytics is a data science company. They are successful in providing customers with empirical analytics and AI based solutions, which are easy to deploy, and robust. In addition to delivering AI based products, Matrix Analytics provides consultation services for their clients. The company leverages AI to bring an array of products for various verticals in the financial services such as credit score, strategy optimization, fraud and anomaly detection, dynamic risk control, signal detection, regulatory modelling, customer analytics, data warehousing, text mining, and model risk management, to name some

  • Founded in New York by veterans of the banking industry the firm’s mission is to provide innovative technology solutions which push automation and straight-through processing to the next level, driving down the need for tedious manual work and freeing up the most precious resource an organization has: its people. Their international team located in New York, London and Barcelona includes banking IT veterans, PhD data scientists and enterprise architects, providing the ideal combination of academic know-how, system performance and grounded operational understanding

  • Tesorio’s mission is to help companies grow faster by helping them understand and control their cash flow in real-time instead of just reporting on it. Strong cash flow generation is the single biggest determinant of a company’s ability to grow. It also affords management the freedom to optimize for long-term bets and truly innovate. Their customers use Tesorio’s prediction of cash inflows and outflows for proactive decision-making, while their workflow tools for managing collections, payments and currency exposures provide levers to adjust timing and mitigate risk in their cash flow

  • Analytical AI

    Analytical AI

    The firm has developed turnkey Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for threat identification in checkpoint security, body scanners and package screening. They are developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) products that learn to identify warning signs of fraud in financial transaction data. The firm’s algorithms utilize deep learning with self-learning abilities that adapt to new undiscovered cases and further enhance the detection rate over time

  • CXO Nexus

    CXO Nexus

    CXO Nexus uses AI and ML to transform client’s IT vendor spend into a real-time decision tool to contain costs, balance risk, and fund innovation. Through their patent-pending technology, they analyze and augment line item and product-level details to create sustainable decision data that becomes a central source of truth for all clients’ lines of business. CXO Nexus was born to deliver real-time, unbiased, AI-driven visibility into true Vendor Spend, simply, quickly, and across all financial systems, to empower better C suite decision making

  • Dataminr


    Dataminr is recognized as one of the world's leading AI businesses. The company’s clients are the first to know about high-impact events and emerging risks so they can mitigate and manage crises more effectively. Dataminr solutions are relied on 24/7 by hundreds of clients in over 70 countries to help them solve real-world problems. Dataminr is one of New York's top private technology companies, with nearly 650 employees across seven global offices

  • Detectica, Inc.

    Detectica, Inc.

    Detectica helps organizations integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions into their overall business strategy. Detectica was founded in 2015 by Dr. Foster Provost and Dr. Panos Ipeirotis, tenured professors at the New York University Stern School of Busines. Detectica used can be to analyze evidence from across the firm’s data sources, all in a single case view. THE analysts can finally ditch their personal data spreadsheets, time-consuming data requests and phone calls to other departments, and hand-written notebooks

  • iMerit


    iMerit combines the technologies, processes and people that, together, deliver the data enrichment and annotations companies rely on. iMerit works with customers to enrich and label their data and to achieve the best results from their algorithms. Their work powers advanced algorithms in machine learning, computer vision, natural language understanding, e-commerce, augmented reality and data analytics. The firm works on data for transformative technologies such as advancing cancer cell research, optimizing crop yields and training driverless cars to understand their environment