MO Tecnologias: AI-Powered Credit Scoring Platform

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MO Tecnologias: AI-Powered Credit Scoring Platform

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Paolo Fidanza, CEO and Founder and Veronica Crisafulli, COO & Co-founder, MO TecnologiasPaolo Fidanza, CEO and Founder and Veronica Crisafulli, COO & Co-founder
Financial Inclusion and illiteracy continue to be one of the greatest challenges plaguing the finance realm today, despite the recent advent of FinTech. A recent Global Findex report revealed that around 3/4th of the world’s poor remain unbanked and most financial institutions have not been able to mitigate the challenge.

As compared to many of its industry peers, , a Fintech firm founded quite recently, is pushing the envelope in terms of financial inclusion by offering individuals access to nano and micro loans. “We are a fintech firm utilizing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to revolutionize financial inclusion. MO Tecnologias aims to assist users in bagging loans independent of their credit history,” mentions Paolo Fidanza, CEO & Founder, MO Tecnologias.

MO Tecnologias is steadily making strides towards its goal of revolutionizing the credit scoring space. Fidanza adds that in many developing nations across the world, micro loans could make the lives of the unbanked working class citizens earning meager incomes far more convenient.

The firm’s unique credit assessment technology calculates a credit score based on parameters such as transactional, non-transactional, and public data, as well as location and assigns it to a user within seconds. The factor differentiating MO Tecnologias from most fintech enterprises worldwide is its patent-pending credit-scoring platform powered by AI and Machine learning. One of the many advantages of this platform is that it is helping individuals gain micro loans without human assistance.

MO Tecnologias is a fintech that utilizes the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to revolutionize financial inclusion

A noteworthy recent milestone of MO Tecnologias is the development of a holistic access card aimed at digital payments, which serves several purposes including borrowing pre-approved loans, carrying out myriad online transactions such as suite bookings.

Quite recently, MO Tecnologias assisted a Colombia-based digital bank, backed by the International Finance Corporation and a string of other financial institutions, in issuing loans to its clients by exploiting the benefits of AI and machine learning. The assistance of MO Tecnologias, chosen as the credit provider of this new digital bank, helped several thousand individuals with small credit loans that catered to routine essentials such as medicines and public transport. Thus, MO Tecnologias set an example of how the challenge of financial inclusion can be effectively mitigated and bankers at the bottom of the pyramid can be effectively addressed.

Several other reputed brands from myriad sectors have knocked at the doors of MO Tecnologias in recognition of its technical finesse. This fact alone speaks volumes of the organization’s current reputation in comparison with its early days where his team indulged in presentations with clients to illustrate the capabilities of the company.

Like most organizations, MO Tecnologias too aspires to spread its wings and cater to more number of clients across the globe. The organization is also looking forward to the launch of two new products by the end of the year. Geographical expansion, execution of around 45 projects that are in the pipeline, as well as branding and innovation, are some of the priorities on the firm’s roadmap for the days to come. “We look forward to transcending boundaries and are striving to be one of the most renowned brands in the digital payments space in the near future,” mentions Fidanza, revealing a glimpse of his firm’s roadmap.

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MO Tecnologias Partners with i2c to Give Latin American Consumers Instant Access to Loans Loaded on Cards

MIAMI and REDWOOD CITY, Calif.- MO Tecnologias LLC (MO), a leading Fintech who has developed an innovative patent-pending proprietary credit scoring technology and loan management platform, is pleased to announce that it has selected payments processing services provider i2c as its technology partner to integrate advanced card functionality with MO's credit suite and loan management digital platforms.

This new product integration will enable eligible consumers served by MO to access pre-approved loans loaded instantly on a card. Combining MO's patent pending credit scoring technology with i2c integrated payments solutions allows MO to offer a unique proposition to financially excluded consumers who do not have a credit history or access to make digital payments.

"i2c's agile platform, multi-currency and multi-purse capabilities, and card controls enable us to launch, test, and adapt quickly to serve our customers. Our new end-to-end solution gives millions of people in Latin America the opportunity to finally access no-stress, pre-approved credit, make purchases online, enjoy fast card-to-card transfers, and many more great features that are part of the MO loan-to-card offer, " said Paolo Fidanza, CEO and Co-Founder of MO.

"We are excited to join forces with an innovator like MO to empower new solutions that expand financial inclusion and create new opportunities," said Joe DeRosa, executive vice president of Global Sales and Marketing at i2c. "Latin America is a key market for i2c and our configurable global platform is designed to easily scale new programs across languages and geographies."

More details will be announced as the MO loan-to-card offer is rolled out initially in Mexico, and then in other countries in Latin America.