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Ideanomics: Digital Asset Enablement with AI and Blockchain

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Federico Tovar, CFO, IdeanomicsFederico Tovar, CFO
Digital asset management has transitioned from being an exclusive marketing tool for large-scale enterprises to a crucial component of every organization’s marketing department. By leveraging modern asset management techniques that rely on artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and other emerging technologies, organizations are maximizing the value of their existing digital assets. At the same time, storing, organizing, retrieving, and distributing these assets safely and cost-effectively is a top priority for businesses. New York-based Ideanomics comprehensively addresses these requirements using Blockchain and AI to not only help organizations enhance the impact of their digital content but also maintain proof of ownership and complete secure transactions. As a fintech advisory and platform as a service (PaaS) company, Ideanomics aspires to establish its prominence in the asset digitization economy by combining deal origination—the process of identifying investment opportunities in the market—with enablement. The company predominantly focuses on enabling organizations across insurance, financial services, capital markets, energy, media, consumer industries, and various other verticals that have the potential to benefit from Blockchain and AI.

“We are determined to become a global leader for fintech services in the asset digitization economy by establishing a global compliant network of financial technology, user community, and digital asset production,” states Federico Tovar, CFO at Ideanomics. The company delivers both traditional financing options as well as PaaS fintech solutions, in accordance with clients’ financial needs, regulatory compliance, regional jurisdictions, and more.

Ideanomics has developed a fintech infrastructure that provides AI-based asset rating and recommendation services, asset origination, and security token issuance along with facilitating the distribution and trading of assets. Partnering with providers of core digital asset creation, the company constantly strives to deliver a multi-layer, global infrastructure that manages risks with dynamic ontology—a specific form of AI—as well as issuance, trading, and settlement of digital asset transactions on the Blockchain. These partnerships help Ideanomics develop an ecosystem of financial institutions and technology service providers to digitize and tokenize existing digital financial securities along with creating new ones. The company also unlocks the liquidity of these digitized assets, which can be exemplified by its agreement with an electric bus operator as part of a multi-billion dollar deal. Ideanomics provides advisory services to the client, which includes collaborating with established financial services to assist them in underwriting, marketing, and sales processes. By further digitizing the client’s assets in compliance with regulations, the company is freeing up tremendous liquidity along with delivering the highest level of transparency for the underlying assets.

Ideanomics has acquired Grapevine, an influencer marketing organization, to create a Blockchain-based marketplace where influencers and advertising companies can exchange tokens and execute highly successful campaigns across an array of consumer goods. The prime objectives of these consumer digital assets include better cross-selling and improved customer retention as well as enhanced brand value via social media influencers, online gaming, reward points, and more. “Age-old advertising methods are predicted to be gradually replaced by influencer marketing, which, if integrated with Blockchain, has a strong and bright future,” remarks Tovar.

Dynamic ontology, coupled with Blockchain’s ability to reduce costs and enhance efficiency as well as authenticity, makes Ideanomics’ offering second to none. And now, as both Blockchain and AI converge with IoT, big data, cybersecurity, and other emerging technologies, the company is working on building its Fintech Village—a center for technology and innovation—in Connecticut. Along with capitalizing on the aforementioned convergence of technologies, the company is looking forward to establishing partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, research facilities, universities, and various other prominent organizations. “We are an enabler to the core, intending to evolve into an esteemed company of such magnitude that organizations across the globe resort to our services and reap the maximum benefits of Blockchain and AI, as well as other technologies,” concludes Tovar.