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Suria Yang, Founder & CEO, FIR.aiSuria Yang, Founder & CEO is a venture-backed machine intelligence company, focusing on natural language understanding and knowledge representation in finance domain. It empowers knowledge professionals with easy access to high-value high-quality data. was founded in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley by Suria Yang, a serial fintech entrepreneur who started her career in software development and then quickly found her feet in investment banking. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, the company offers CYPREX, an AI-powered platform that allows financial institutions to manage and discover high-value data and augment their decision-making. Having received an overwhelming response from pilot clients for the easy plug-in and easy access to high-value data, Suria and her team expanded their footprint to China to cater to the specific needs of the Asian financial market.

The financial market in Asia is still maturing unlike the U.S. While financial institutions are excited about the prospect of using advanced data-driven technologies, lack of expertise and IT infrastructure is posing significant challenges for them to innovate faster. With fast development in the areas of natural language processing and knowledge graph, aims to leverage the trend and build cognitive solutions and services for their clients from the financial industry. Team brings to bear its ten years of expertise in machine learning and knowledge graph to build an enterprise solution that delivers context intelligence and can transform disconnected and unstructured data points into a story. “Through our platform, we help financial institutions to innovate by streamlining multi-modal data integration and analysis; we make financial data access and understanding easy,” says Suria.

As one of the most rapidly growing fintech companies in China, uses knowledge graph to manage the enormous deluge of work data and discover real-time intelligence to create value to clients.

We help financial institutions to innovate by multi-modal data integration; we make financial data access and understanding easy

Developed by ex-investment professionals, CYPREX consists of a Data Management Module and AI-based decision engine. The Data Management Module allows every data-driven team to build an agile data workshop. The module helps financial institutions to work with complicated data suppliers to consolidate both structured and unstructured data that could result in simplified workflows. CYPREX APIs can be easily integrated with any clients’ internal applications.

The AI-powered platform is equipped with various features such as knowledge-based semantic search with support for Smart Draft while writing and researching. Users can easily find important content in real-time and boost the speed of script generation. Its Active Penetration Module, built upon semantic search engine, provides a complete view of incident relation, which helps fund managers understand and manage their holdings.

At its early development stage, offered customized solutions to its first few clients. The company carefully plans the necessary steps of action to help its customers reach their business objectives by effectively managing the entire customer engagement and service delivery. Now, CYPREX can also serve its prospective clients with a different combination of modules.

With a growing customer base, is sprinting ahead in full steam. Suria and her team are dedicated to further their R&D in the areas of natural language understanding and knowledge representation to enhance the platform’s capabilities. is also aiming to serve companies that are not limited to Chinese financial institutions but also from overseas markets and other industries.