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Tesorio: Unlocking Cash Flow Performance

Carlos R. Vega, Co-Founder and CEO, Tesorio Carlos R. Vega, Co-Founder and CEO
A healthy cash flow is the key to a successful business and achieving desired goals. However, the conventional spreadsheet-based cash flow forecasting methods are time-consuming, tedious, reactive, and error-prone. They no longer serve modern businesses’ financial requirements or enable CFOs to reduce cash flow volatility and improve decision-making through real-time views of predicted cash outlays and receivables. To this end, organizations need to implement a smart approach to better understand, predict, and report cash flow.

Having a comprehensive understanding of this requirement, Tesorio aims to connect people and data and make cash flow predictable so that businesses can control their own destiny and drive positive outcomes. The company empowers finance teams— CFOs, collections teams, treasury teams, and financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams—to achieve breakthrough cash flow performance and reduce DSO and working capital while improving customer experience and relationships.

By combining business intelligence and analytics with action, Tesorio’s AI-powered cash flow performance platform eliminates tedious and reactive cash flow forecasting and collections operations and offers real-time predictions and actionable insights based on behavioral trends. The company allows finance teams to instantly unwind their cash flow by tapping into each transaction along with customer’s and vendor’s behavioral data across previously disconnected systems—instead of just forecasting trends based on aggregated historical data for the entire customer base. This enables them to identify and resolve problems even before they occur. Teams can follow up with customers using automated workflow tools to remind them to pay or schedule outflow payments intelligently in real-time. “We help our clients interconnect the data, understand consumer and vendor behaviors, and then influence customer and vendor cash policies,” says Carlos Vega, Co-founder, and CEO, Tesorio.

We help our clients interconnect the data, understand consumer and vendor behaviors, and then influence customer and vendor cash policies

More importantly, Tesorio’s cash flow performance platform can be easily integrated with leading ERP systems (NetSuite, Workday, and Sage Intacct), Office 365, Outlook, GSuite, and other major email systems, and CRM systems (Salesforce). “Due to these different integrations, we enable clients to collaborate and use data in entirely new ways.” Vega continues. “Our machine learning engine then ingests all the relevant data, processes it, and generates comprehensive reports at the push of a button. This equips clients with the capability to streamline their workflow.”

Honing such capabilities, Tesorio has gleaned a legion of devoted clients. For example, one of the largest banks in the U.S. has worked with Tesorio to plug in its machine learning engine and cash flow forecasting functionality into its daily cash transaction platform used by all of their corporate clients. Also, the client embedded the solution’s user interface with their platform to provide customers access to their data in a predictive way. Additionally, the company helped a clinical productivity software provider accelerate collections and improve its customer-first approach through automated dunning and custom tagging. Using Tesorio, the client could engage every customer in the right way, even during the stressful time of the pandemic, while focusing on their business goals. Also, Tesorio assisted an American software company in enhancing collections and addressing leadership questions within minutes through customized dunning. The team could personalize communication for their larger accounts to deliver a better customer experience and remain flexible to consumers’ needs even during COVID. Finally, Tesorio has earned category-leading scores from customers on G2 and recently achieved a net promoter score of 60 - nearly twice the SaaS industry average of 31.

With an aim to become the best automated direct method cash flow forecasting product in the market, Tesorio is further extending its capabilities through integrations to additional payment processors and cloud systems. “We are continually enhancing our AI capabilities and forecasting functionalities to ensure better workflows and predictability of cash,” says Vega.

In a nutshell, Tesorio predicts cash flow with higher accuracy and unprecedented ease, which enables businesses to efficiently deploy capital and enjoy sustainable growth.

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Carlos R. Vega, Co-Founder and CEO

Tesorio’s mission is to help companies grow faster by helping them understand and control their cash flow in real-time instead of just reporting on it. Strong cash flow generation is the single biggest determinant of a company’s ability to grow. It also affords management the freedom to optimize for long-term bets and truly innovate. Their customers use Tesorio’s prediction of cash inflows and outflows for proactive decision-making, while their workflow tools for managing collections, payments and currency exposures provide levers to adjust timing and mitigate risk in their cash flow